Episode 11 – La La Land

In episode 11, we review the upbeat, colorful, almost-Best-Picture-winner La La Land (2016) with the less than impressed Brianne Gobeski. Why did we invite a guest on who was well-versed in musical theater and movies instead of someone who would blindly fawn over Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone?? She won’t give the movie a free pass, and neither will we! And speaking of the leads, we do a little fantasy re-casting (and some stunt casting)! And as always, our EP Adam is lurking in the shadows and shows up to give his unadulterated opinion as well!


The intro and outro this time around is “Compulsion” (Sonny Rollins, feat Charlie Parker and Miles Davis). See, I’ve got jazz cred! Just like Ryan Gosling in the movie. But seriously, I think I’ve been beaten to the punch writing think-pieces about jazz-splaining.

How did we never discuss the Oscar Best Picture fiasco from February in this episode? Well, it’s old news and it’s boring! Make a passing reference and move on, that’s my motto! Plus, I’m still a little salty about Lin Manuel missing out on his EGOT.

Oh, Will Arnett could have been the lead in La La Land, I guarantee it.

Here’s that nerdy article I refer to in the episode that talks about the type of film used, the crane shots, etc. Also, the term I was searching for was “whip pan” (which allowed them to cut the multiple shots together).

If you aren’t sure of the movies that La La Land visually references, watch this video, so you can know exactly what films you’d rather be seeing instead!

OK, but in all honesty it’s been weeks since I watched this and the songs are STILL stuck in my head. Plus, I don’t really think that Ryan Gosling is overrated (Place Beyond the Pines, Drive, etc). You’ll have to accept this episode note as my apology, Ryan, if you’re out there…

Here’s Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine in Into The Woods (2014), if you don’t believe Brianne. Also, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

Movies We Recommend:

Labyrinth (1986)

Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

White Christmas (1954)

Top Hat (1935)

Shall We Dance (1937)