Episode 8 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

We discuss the “hardships” of being an 80’s teenager in the northern suburbs of Chicago in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), with our guest Kara Hulce. Kara is quick to point out that Ferris isn’t really that great of a person, and that even in 1986, Charlie Sheen doles out pretty bad advice. Will Jessica and Kara remain friends after Kara’s scathing analysis of one of Jessica’s favorite films??


Our EP Adam was quick to point out that Alan Ruck was the captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek: Generations (which in his mind, supersedes his role as Cameron). This is not surprising. I gave Adam the DVD for Ferris as a birthday present years ago, and let’s just say he’s fairly aligned with Kara’s take on the film.

Adam also points out that despite Jessica’s criticism of Kara, it was not possible for Kara to have watched Ferris for the first six months of her life, since the movie wasn’t out yet. All blame after that falls squarely on her.

Turns out the trading floor in Chicago has actually shut down sometime since 1986, although there is no “smoking crater” anywhere in downtown Chicago, as Charlie suggests.

In 1986, Louie Anderson had not yet hit it big in Coming to America, Family Feud or Life with Louie. So, at the point he shows up in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, he’s essentially an unknown. I highly recommend watching him the the FX series Baskets, if you get a chance, if you’ve been wondering where he’s been for the last 15 years or so.

The Von Steuben Day Parade always falls on a Saturday, which makes this scene IMPLAUSIBLE. My whole world is shattered now. Also, since it is always the closest Saturday to September 17th, this means Ferris has likely had 9 absences in only 3 weeks of class.

Kara mentions a couple of articles she discovered when descending the “Ferris Bueller Rabbit Hole”. Here’s the one defending Jeanie, and here’s the reddit post that compares this movie to Fight Club. I sometimes wonder if I should quit my job and write think pieces about iconic 80’s films; God willing, someday maybe my work would be mentioned in a podcast!