We’ve Started Recording!

So things are finally underway here in the Madison Studio and we’ve successfully recorded the first two episodes of Cinematic Respect. You might say to yourself Hey Charlie, I’ve been to your house; you don’t have a studio.¬†Well, I think if someone runs TWO podcasts, they can officially refer to whatever room they want as a studio. You really are a bit picky for someone who probably doesn’t even have ONE podcast.

Which movies have we chosen for our guests in episodes 1 and 2? You’ll just have to wait until launch day to see! There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work to be done still, but I assure you that day is not far off! In fact, if you know us personally, I doubt you’ll be able to avoid being bombarded by social media announcements at that time. So sit back and relax, you impatient cinephile. Great things are coming soon!

BTW, the picture for this post includes at least two movie related costumes. Can you spot them? Can you spot the one we all probably could have done without?