"Is...is he going to say anything, or is he just going to stand up there silently?"

Episode 2 – Dead Poets Society

This time, we strong-arm Ally (and Adam) into watching the 1989 drama Dead Poets Society. We get confused about which redhead is which, and Charlie can’t keep the characters names in his head for more than 5 seconds. Plus, we look fondly back at memories of teachers from our past, and which movies they made us watch when they were presumably hung-over.

We recorded two episodes at once, which might explain why my voice is gone by the end of the episode. Adam also makes an appearance, though he trolls us a little with random Ethan Hawke photos and fake movie recommendations. Guy’s in one episode and he thinks he can screw with the format! Well, he’s right!

In case you’ve never seen the final scene of the film, here is a clip that is very similar. Well, except for the end. The attention to detail up to that point is startling though.