Episode 4 – The Apartment

We keep chugging along, episode-wise, by watching “The Apartment”(1960), starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine with our guest Megan Heneke. This movie really makes us wonder whether all 50’s and 60’s office parties were like orgies, between this and Mad Men… We discuss the rampant sexism contained in the film; but how much was an intentional commentary and how much was just a product of the times? And we talk at length about the Fred MacMurray villain that Megan refers to as “worse villain than Bane”. Plus, we identify a couple of minor characters that deserve their own movies.

A new trailer for The Dark Tower came out this week, and Kara’s super excited. I’m just confused. But Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey? Here’s what I say to that:

Speaking of money, around 18:50 or so, Megan says she couldn’t find how much Lemmon and MacLaine made for this film. As it turns out, both were paid the same amount, $175,000. So there was definitely some equity in that regard (thanks to Adam for digging that up).