Listen to Episode 3 – The Searchers

Welcome to episode 3, where we have convinced our executive producer Adam Gobeski to watch The Searchers, the classic 1956 western starring John Wayne, and directed by John Ford. Adam is a bit salty at the beginning of the program… and stays that way throughout! Then again, the Gobeski/Wallace dynamic has always been similar to the Ethan/Martin dynamic from The Searchers (Adam does always get a little ornery¬†when Charlie call him “uncle”).

There’s a little aside about obsolete storage format in which we discuss the Jaz drive, so here’s a link the the wikipedia entry in case you were as confused as I was.

Oh, and Adam has a Dr. Who blog, An Hour of Who A Day. It’s pretty entertaining and I suggest you check it out! I can see why a similar blog with Star Trek as the subject could get overwhelming quickly…