Episode 3 – The Searchers

Charlie and Jessica discuss the incredibly influential 1956 film The Searchers with our incredibly combative executive producer Adam Gobeski. Is the main character, Ethan, a psychopath? Is his best “friend” Martin just a 13 year old girl? Is every person named Charlie a complete chunk head?? How will you ever know unless you listen?!

Adam is a bit salty at the beginning of the program… and stays that way throughout! Then again, the Gobeski/Wallace dynamic has always been similar to the Ethan/Martin dynamic from The Searchers (Adam does always get a little ornery when Charlie calls him “uncle”).

There’s a little aside about obsolete storage format in which we discuss the Jaz drive, so here’s a link the the wikipedia entry in case you were as confused as I was.

Oh, and Adam has a Dr. Who blog, An Hour of Who A Day. It’s pretty entertaining and I suggest you check it out! I can see why a similar blog with Star Trek as the subject could get overwhelming quickly…