Episode 5 – Nebraska

Grab your truck and air compressor, ’cause in this episode we review the 2013 Alexander Payne film Nebraska with our guest Patrick Hill. We discuss Payne’s portrayal of the Midwest, June Squibb’s “breakout” performance and several characters’ hair. And does Bruce Dern’s character Woody have dementia or is he just deluded? Plus, Patrick is the first guest to recommend an EXPERIENCE rather than a movie or TV show!


Adam wants to point out that Will Forte was also in “Flight of the Conchords”, so I should have remembered him from that. For shame!

Here’s a link to an article about cars that can go over 200 mph. I don’t think any of the character’s in the film owned an Aston Martin though.

And also:

Next episode: The Big Lebowski (1998)