Episode 6 – The Big Lebowski

Go fix yourself a White Russian, we’ll wait, because we’re watching The Big Lebowski (1998) with our good friend Jessica. Besides, you wouldn’t want us to drink alone, would you? We talk a LOT about the characters in this film, which makes sense, because it is a Coen brothers film after all. We also marvel over the best performance of John Goodman’s career. And what’s up with those dream sequences? If that’s what acid flashbacks are about, sign me up! Well, minus all nihilists with gigantic scissors…


So the Jesus Quintana spin-off we mention is apparently called Going Places,  but will not involve the Coen brothers, although they have “given their blessing”. I’m sure John Turturro is talented enough to pull off the acting/writing/directing thing. But The Jesus without Joel and Ethan…? We’ll have to wait and see!

Jessica is referring to Lebowski’s in Glasgow (and Edinburgh!). Their “About” page says that “The Dude may have grown up a bit and settled in the suburbs, but they’re he’s bringing the party wherever he goes.” I call B.S. on that. I think the Dude is right where we left him, hanging out with Walter at some old bowling alley in L.A. Despite that nonsense they wrote, I would still stop in to Lebowski’s for a White Russian, I must admit.

The author of L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia is James Ellroy, in case you were wondering.

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