Podcast Launch is April 6, 2017!

It’s finally making it official: you can download the first TWO episodes of Cinematic Respect on April 6th. Release should be bi-weekly after that, until popular demand dictates that we do it more frequently (or less frequently I suppose…). And those episodes won’t disappoint! My voice might though. The first recording coincided with a month long illness and caused my voice to completely leave this corporeal form and wander off somewhere. Hopefully this won’t be too distracting. Although, it was pointed out that my voice was markedly more sexy at the end of recording. Your mileage may vary.

Our Twitter and Instagram accounts are now active, so feel free to follow those. Or you can obsessively refresh this webpage for the same experience.

Here’s a link to the trailer for “Baby Driver”, the unusually named film by Edgar Wright. I’d normally not know what to think, but this is Edgar Wright. And a pretty impressive cast, including Jon Hamm with weird-ass hair.